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Madonna Isaac

Madonna Music - preview her fantastic new site including the track Isaac

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Had this album for ages and never got past side 3, so listened to side 4 the other day and came across this track. It has that Leftfiled style to it from the Rhythm and Stealth LP. This track carries on the Disco Opera theme of this album and features vocals of unknown singer: yitzhak siwani, he sings in a middle eastern style to the house BPM chanting 'Imi ni na lo'. The chorus is reminiscent of Frozen's humming sounds. This is a well done world fusion house/disco track. In the past Madonna has had fusion hits with Shanti/Ashtangi (William Orbit) and Cyber-Raga (Talvin Singh), this was during her Sanskrit phase but manages to pull off the pronunciation of words quiet well!
Mobb deep Blood Money LP

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The Infamous Mobb Deep have joined the G, G, G-unit! There is a definite shift in production for Mobb Deep and along the way the G-Unit have spawned a few bollywood inspired track on this album: Daydreamin, Give It To Me Baby and Creep. Creep has an excellent dolki sample used as part of the beat, to check out what the sample is, click here, the track also features 50 Cent, the track can be heard on Mobb Deep's myspace. Give It To Me Baby has a more obvious sample speeded up from the bollywood hit film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The track is a bouncy Hip Hop track and features Young Buck. Daydreamin does not have a sample listed, so we have to assume the Sitars and Flutes are self produced. This is a laid back dark hip hop track about the usual drug dealing lifestyle.
So Def F/ Missy Elliot Hell Naw

Enter Missy Elliots latest site!

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So Def's new single is a bass beat featuring the shouts of Missy Elliot. The Timbaland style beats keeps it as a head nodder which seems to be aimed at the Japanese market: the chorus goes 'konichiwa, baby who you are? I don't know ya' laced with a flute all the way through. The track has typical R 'n' B lyrics of a girl giving attitude and talking about being so bling. The track is quite weak and Missy Elliot hardly features on it accept for the odd shouting.
KGB Kid vs Apache Indian Chok There (Drum n Bass mix)

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This bootleg is a Drum n Bass mix of the mighty Apache Indian. The whole single also includes remixes of Hotstepper (Ini Kamoze), Boom Bye Bye (Cypress Hill) and Funkiest (Funkdoobiest). Definitely a 12" for the old skool. The Apache indian track gets a justified remix, jump up jungle style. A lot of the original sounds are kept and just beefed up with drum n bass beats, with a whizzing bass line. It may even better than the original! I wonder if Apache Indian is aware of this remix? The track emphasizes the verse where Apache Indian speaks Punjabi and then rolls back into the hard step beats. If you go to KGB Kid's web site: he has a whole list of drum n bass remixes he has done (and you can download for free). He is currently residing in India just chilling out.
End.user Switch

End.user - go to the myspace page and here Switchin

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This is a step further to the other track from the album Form Without Function: Keep Telling. It starts of with bollywood violins and then kicks in with the End.user style breaks, opening up with the filtered female Bollywood vocals. This all slowly melts and crashes together and when the bass line kicks into give the End.user stamp, It has the same bass line style to it as the track No Wisdom. If you are a fan of Bollywood Breaks EP, East Side Breaks and Keep Telling, you will like this. It is to be released on Adnoise Am on the 16th October 2006 check the Ad Noise and End.user website and myspace for more details.
Kush Arora Bhang Ragga (Dancehall Bhangra in Future Dub)

Kush Arora, Experimentalist of Bhangra music

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Does exactly what it says on the tin! This is for the Bhangra massive who are looking for something more than the usual UK Bhangra sound. Kush Arora uses traditional bhangra instruments: Harmonium, Dhol, Dolki, Santoor, Tumbi, even that casio keyboard sound and mixes it up with dub reggae sounds. If you like Bally Sagoo's Dub of Asia you will like this. It if in the experimental Bhangra league along the likes of: Semephor and Black Mahal. Kush Arora's main vocalist and Ragga artist is the N4SA (as enforcer-not NASA as I first thought!), who sounds serious and not cheesy like a lot of Bhangra/Ragga cross over's. There is also the odd traditional Punjabi verses backed by Kush Arora's experimental beats. This album is definitely for those who are tired of the Same ol' bhangra sound. Bring something new to your life: Bhang Ragga! Go to Kush Arora's web site to hear lots of samples from his works. Kush Arora has also worked with Ras Celyon and American
Lilijan AKA Hanuman Tribe Shaolin Madness/Arabesque Recommended!

Lilijan - drum n bass maestro from Germany

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From Germany comes some dark Drum n Bass tunes! Found him on the myspace crazy ness. The first Track: Shaolin Madness, as expected has samples from Martial Art films. The main quote is 'we are not sick men', but let me assure you this track is sick! the bass line destroys your speakers, I had to turn my system down as I could hear the walls of the speakers coming away! the track is laced with a digital Shamisan to ensure the oriental feel comes right through, this definitely needs a vinyl release to rip up the clubs. Check it out on his myspace under Hanuman Tribe Shaolin. Next up is Arabesque - another stomper that NEEDS to get pressed up (listen to it under Hanuman Tribe Arabesque). It has all the ingredients of a laid back middle eastern vibes, but then the bass kicks in so hard that even Dillinja would take a second look! CAUTION: you can't turn these tracks up too loud unless you are insured!
Ancient Futures Planet Passion

Ancient Futures - heart felt  world fusion music since 1978

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Ancient future has had seven albums selling more than 150,00 units! they established in 1978. This album is a good showcase of there vast experience in many world fusion instruments. Laid back vibes all led by the guitar there aren't many vocals on the album but you do not loose interest in the album. The album credits read like a world map: for example, one of the album favourites, track 1: Simsimay Panima is a Nepalese folk song with a Bansuri played by Manose Singh. This is typical of Ancient Planet's diversity in each track. Another favourite is the Russian folk song which sounds very heart felt: Ne Po Porgrebu Bochonochek (available on the myspace to listen to), accompanied by a guitar and Tabla! Expect to travel the world with this album, if you like laid back Pathaan style of music, this should be a part of your collection. Contact them via myspace to hear samples of the track and buy there albums.
Indian Ropeman
Bullet Proof

Indian Ropeman - myspace page

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Indian Ropeman's latest track is a cross between Moby's Play album and Fat Boy Slim, but it still maintains the Indian Ropeman-ness. The male vocals run all the way through the track, Sitars, manipulated and scratched up, accompany the piano loop in the break. Bollywood strings in the hook come in loud and clear and blend well with the scratching of a sample from his first album: 'you are bullet proof'. IRM rips it up every time, can't wait for his second album. Hear and download the track at Indian Ropeman's myspace page.


bopadum Desi Hits Radio, Sabras Radio and New Track!
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Desi Hits Radio: The second drum n bass show is now live and ready for you to download and listen to here. the track listing is availablehere. Part 3 will have more dark drum n bass ness and is due out next month.
bopadum's Handz Solo has an interview with El-Vishio on Sabras Radio: 2nd September 6pm onwards, he will be playing a drum n bass set along with two of his tracks: Natch Shataan and Speak. He will also feature his latest track: War Zone
War Zone is Handz Solo's latest remix which features: Dead Prez (AKA Dead Presidents) and Pete Rock you can hear it on his myspace page here along with the other two tracks.