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D-Code and Sparfunk Under the moon

D-Code asian dillinja style drum n bass maestro - see his myspace

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D-Code is a busy man! Apart from this track he has also produced Shiva Soundsystem's Mumbai Cells (see below) and a track called Tubla Ethics which has not been released yet. This is a colloboration with Sparfunk from the Sparfunk and Joe Solo fame (remember the other ethnic driven track they did called Rapture). This track is the more mellow side of Mr Code. The tabla is subtle, in the background, this has a nice flow, ideal for the begining of the night. D-Code seems to want to establish the distorted bassline in Asian Drum n Bass and we have no problem with that - its all good. Its nice to see Asian Drum n Bass getting a brutal beat behind it and not flowered up with sitars and soft vocals. Side B: in a word nice hard track and excellent for a B Side, but nothing Asian Drum n Bass about it so we don't cover that one!
Shiva Soundsystem Mumbai Cells

ShivaSoundsystem - promoters of electronic asian underground

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This finally got a release last month. Though it has been spinning on radio Stations for a while. Buzz Singh from the band Kissmet ( is lead on vocals, and seems a very unlikely combination for such a hard drum n bass track. The track is very Dillinja. The original mix has the tabla and sarangi playing hard and then half way through Buzz Singh's vocals kick in, then the beat comes back for a harder return to make sure your speakers have actually been ripped apart! The VIP mix is more harder beats and fading vocals of Buzz singh and sounds even more like Dillinja - but we like that here! So give us more...
Enduser Keep Telling

End.User - legend fuof fucked beats causing calm in the Kaos!

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This track is excellent, it has a End.user style hard as hell beats, covered with a very mellow female hindi vocal that maybe from a bollywood film. The track is avaliable on end.users album Form Without Function, you can get the album direct from him. In the past he has done the Bollywood Breaks EP and a track called East Side Breaks which sampled Nitin Sawhneys Nadia. Making End.user a regular on the asian underground circuit. If you like Aphex Twin and Semephor you will like the End.user material. Not for the faint hearted!
Dr Octagon and DJ Dexter Ants

Dr Octagon - the mentalist!

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This is one messed up track with middle eastern strings scratched up like Kid Koalas Drunken Trumpet, very well done by DJ Dexter. Dr Octagon always has high production value. Seems like many artist have the obligatory one asian track on the album like Roots Manuva and Cold Cut to cash in on the Asian Dollar. Though these people do produce very good tracks. So what is Dr. Octagon on about this time? looking at people from far away so that they look like ants (probably from a giants point of view), who said the nuttah had to make any sense? he is brilliant!
Sukh Knight and OZ Locked in

Sukh Knight - establishing Asian Grime soundz. Check the sound on myspace

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Asian Grime... well someone had to come up with it! but hold on this is not your normal bhangra rip off merchant! this is real good stuff! We have only featured the track by OZ called Locked in as it is the only one you can download. It was for a mix tape called solitary confinement and samples the track from the Bobby OST called: Chabi Kho Jae, the track habe been lsited in our Bollywood Sampler list. This sountrack has also recently been sampled being sampled by MC hard Kaur. Be sure to check his myspace for his other tracks: Cop Killer and Mount Heaven which are dying for verses to be spit over them.

So what has bopadum been up to then?

launch Desi Hits Radio Player Part one of the Asian Drum n Bass mix has been played on Desi Hits Radio called Dholi Runner since the 10th Of July 2006 - with the hardest asian Drum n Bass mixed with Raghav, UK Apache and many more! You can down load this mix for keeps as well! This set was also played on ALL FM and Unity FM (Manchester based Stations) last year - August 2005, proving still a very popular set!
See the homepage of bopadum at desi hits radio Part two of the Drum n Bass onslaught from Handz solo on Desi Hits radio called The Ritual. This time playing even harder drum n bass, featuring Bubbly kaur and Asha Bhosle among many more. Voice Vox provided by studionyne. Specialist in recording, Mastering, web and Multimedia design. Based in Manchester
Generasian Radio from Atlanta Generasian Radio Huston 90.1FM have been playing our track Natch Shataan (15th June, 22nd June 2006 & 27th July 2006) which you can hear on our myspace site
Radio madras on WRAS  Atlanta 88.5FM Radio Madras from Atlanta 88.5FM (28th July 2006) has playied the Dholi Runner drum n bass mix last month and the feedback has been excellent.
Leciester based asian station Radio Sabras has been playing our myspace Drum n Bass track Speak on the El-Vishio show. We are due to do an interview with them in a couple of weeks.
State of Bengal and bopadum flyer We also supported the State of Bengal after party in Manchester (29_07_2006) for the Nylon Soundz Tour by having Handz Solo play back to back Asian Drum n Bass which went down a storm with crowd. Check the links for details on the artists invovled.


Nylon Soundz Tour at Manchester, Contact Theatre on the 29_07_2006. Supported by bopadum's Handz Solo spinning asian drum n bass music
Asian Drum bass front man
Taufiq Qureshi is the Brother of Legend: Zakhir Hussain
Vasundhara Das was the lead star of Monsoon Wedding and singer on Shakalaka Baby
State Of Bengal
Taufiq Qureshi
Vasundhara Das


Listen to all this music from the myspace Page: bopadum

Tracks on myspace sampler: Chabie Ko Jae (original), Locked In, Ants, Keep Telling, Under the Moon, Mumbai Cells, MumbbaiCells (VIP Mix)